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Shaggy Case iPhone 6S


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of the members of the Slim Series , Shaggy,  Full access to all buttons
and ports. Full grain leather, ultra touchable leather texture.  Amazing
color options. Full access to all buttons and ports.Well-curved battery jack
entry. Modish design and high quality, comprehensive four-corner protection
preserve both the screen and the back to rub on flat. 


Let the elegance cover your iPhone!

Outstanding quality leather merges with
ultra-slim cases and offer you hyperfine&surefire iPhone cases.
Beyzacases’s artisians have created innovative and solid designs to be carried
delightedly. Slim luxury case is designed to be carried with pleasure and to
not thicken your iPhone. With the durability and quality of the leather your
iPhone will meet the value it deserves.

Luxury genuine leather dressed with
hard-shell frame allows you to feel the real thinnes of your iPhone. Thinnes and
durability were main considered essentials during designing and producing. It
will not add an extra weight and thickness to your iPhone.  

The high quality leather is cohered with well
designed high quality semi-rigid-shell case.  Inside your iPhone fits
perfectly. And the luxury leather iPhone 6 cases protect your iPhone with it’s
slim side holders.

Well measured camera eyelet promises an
effective light capturing for lens while led flash can serve with full

Direct access to the device features are
available. And well-curved charging and headphone points allow you to plug in
and out the jacks smoothly.


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